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updated April 14, 2017

If you are looking for emergency housing or financial assistance, please Click Here for the Somerset County Board of Social Services, Office on Aging or the Central Jersey Housing Resource Center contact information. 


Affordable Housing Application - Click Here

 - Includes Requirements, Income Limits, and Instructions
    (only one application is needed to apply for any or all areas)

Maximum household gross income requirements:

There are units available in the following areas, click on the link for information on the development:
Whiton Hills Apartments (rental units) Monthly Rents do not include utilities:
    Low-Income, Age-restricted (62 and over)
          1-bedroom units.  Rents vary but do not exceed $719.69
          2-bedroom unit.    Rent $ 825.84
    Moderate Income:  
          1-bedroom unit.    Rent $ 999.32    
          2-bedroom units.  Rents vary but do not exceed $1,164.00
          3-bedroom unit.    Rent $1,236.80

There are no units available in the following areas, however Applications can be submitted for the waiting list.  For information about each area that has Affordable Housing click the link below:

Cedar Brook Condos (sale units)  
River Trace at Branchburg (sale units)

Edgewood Terrace Manufactured Homes (rental units)
Farinella Homes one 2-Family Home (rental units)

If you have any further questions please contact: 
Affordable Housing Services at 908-526-1300 x101 or by going to the 'Contact Us' page and at the bottom choose Affordable Housing from the drop down list.

To receive an email notification when Affordable Housing Units are available click on the 'E-Notify' link above.  Once signed up, when new availablity is posted you will receive an email with the Subject Line "Please Check This Web Page to Get The Latest Update" and a message stating "Following web page has been updated with new content" with a link to this page.