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Acceptance Speech

Mayor Thomas Young’s Acceptance Speech – 2017

Mayor Young thanked all the Township Professionals and the volunteers for their service.  He also reminisced on the loss of long-time residents who were devoted to the community.  Mr. Young stated that in planning for this year’s Reorganization, the Township Committee discussed the need to encourage more young people to get involved in service to the town.  He stated that this year the Township Committee plans to reach out to the 25-40 year old residents and inspire them to volunteer.  Mayor Young challenged all residents to get involved in service to their community.

Mayor Young also stated that Branchburg is a great town financially with an AAA bond rating.   He stated that the Township has led in innovation, including transparency of meetings, posting of agenda material, road work, etc.   He concluded by stating that the members of the Township Committee are very approachable and they encourage residents to come out and participate in the meetings.