Stanford University's  Chronic Disease Self-Management Program  Sign-Up now to attend in Branchburg Township

 About 400,000 seniors are diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes (T2D) every year and the total figure of those seniors with T2D is predicted to rise to 17.2 million by 2025. This high prevalence, combined with poor control, translates into diabetes being the seventh leading cause of death in the U.S. Heart disease, cancer, stroke and diabetes cause 59% of deaths in NJ. Despite advances in diagnosis, treatment and prevention, heart disease for example, which often results from diabetes, remains a leading cause of death in the state. NJ spends over 7 billion dollars in chronic disease-attributable healthcare costs annually. Reducing this burden with an emphasis on wellness would have a major economic impact on residents.
To help Branchburg residents and community members living with chronic conditions, the Branchburg Township Health Department in partnership with the Montgomery Township Health Department and Empower Somerset will be hosting a FREE Chronic Disease Self-Management workshop called “Take Control of Your Health” this March.

So what is Stanford’s Take Control of Your Health Program?


  • “Take Control of Your Health” is an evidence-based workshop series offered in your area. It is considered the gold standard for chronic disease management.
  • The workshops are a self-management education intervention for adults with chronic health conditions like arthritis, cancer, diabetes, heart disease, hypertension, lung disease or a condition that requires management on a regular basis.
  • Workshop is a series of weekly 2.5 hour long classes for 6 weeks. Participants learn techniques for coping with the physical and psychological effects of chronic disease, and strategies for reducing symptoms and disability.
  • Among the proven benefits, participants report less pain, fatigue, and depression; more energy; better communication with their physicians; better overall health; and increased confidence that they can manage their health. 

 The workshops are facilitated by two specially trained leaders. Topics covered include:

  • fitness and exercise, managing symptoms, pain and fatigue, nutrition, medications, treatment decisions, creating action plans and making daily tasks easier.

 Light Refreshments will be served.

All participants will receive a FREE copy of the “Living a Healthy Life with Chronic Conditions”

 Workshop Dates: 6 weekly sessions beginning
Wednesday, March 15th
                 Times: 10:00am-12:30pm
             Location: Branchburg Health Department (34 Kenbury Road)
Call now to reserve your seat as class size is limited.
RSVP by March 10th, 2017
To learn more about this workshop or to register please contact Devangi Patel at 908-533-9331.
Open to Everyone.