An important message from the Branchburg Township Police Department.

Our police department has noticed over the last several years that Improper Passing of Stopped School Bus (39:4-128.1) by motorists has increased. It is reminded that whenever you see a school bus in operation to drive with caution. When a school bus activates its yellow lights, the driver is required to slow down and prepare to stop. It is no different then a traffic light you encounter on a roadway. 

In addition, you cannot pass a stopped school bus whether from behind or in an opposite direction with its red lights activated or with the STOP sign out. 

We have also seen drivers in their vehicles become impatient due to numerous children pick ups in a row along their route and pass the bus over the double yellow lines even when the bus is in motion going in the same direction.

Be patient as the reward of saving a few minutes/seconds is not worth the danger it creates and the penalties involved. 

The penalties associated with this violation include: 

> 5 points accessed to the drivers license of the violator

> Approximately $250.00 in fines

> Possible License Suspension 

> Mandatory Community Service 

All matters regarding this violation will be fully investigated by the Branchburg Twsp Police Department in cooperation with Branchburg Student Transportation. 

The safety of our children is very important and we all need to be a part of it.  Please pass this article onto someone else as it could help prevent injury to a child as well as avoid many legal issues.                                    

Sgt. Ken Kaczorek