The Branchburg Township Police Department is advising the community of some events taking place at Halloween time that we will be involved in.

Stony Brook School Halloween Parade: The police department will be working with the school again this year implementing a plan to reduce the amount of traffic around the school while this fun event is going on. Over the last few years, the roadway has been more accessible and pedestrian traffic has had a safer time moving around the school/roadway. This plan is similar to the Back to School Night in September. The cooperation of the parents has been outstanding and we look forward to another year of working with you. 
Neshanic Station Village: This large event involves restricting parking along certain streets while children and adults are in the area. The police department will assist with the security of the event and help provide lighting in key areas of heavy pedestrian traffic. 
We put out extra patrols in the areas throughout the township to ensure that the events go smoothly and safely. Do not hesitate to reach out to our officers for any questions or assistance. 
Here are a few tips that we can offer that can reduce your chance of being a victim of a crime during this period. 
>Leave outside lights on.
>Place belongings inside.
>Advise your children of the risks and what to be watchful for. 
>While out enjoying the festivities, wear bright clothing so drivers in cars can see you. Bring a flashlight. Make it fun for the kids with glow in the dark bracelets.
The goal during this period is for all to have a good time while exercising common sense safety practices.   

Sgt. Ken Kaczorek