Branchburg PD has been in direct contact with surrounding Law Enforcement agencies over the past week who have reported a recent rise in motor vehicle thefts and unlocked motor vehicle burglaries.  The incidents have reportedly taken place during overnight hours between 8:00 PM and 8:00 AM.  It is believed at this time that the suspect(s) responsible for these crimes typically look to avoid encounters with homeowners, and their goal appears to be to avoid any confrontation and get away, undetected, with the stolen vehicle(s)/proceeds from the motor vehicle burglary(s) as quickly as possible.

The suspect(s) responsible for these crimes appear to specifically target unlocked vehicles in driveways of residences, and look to steal motor vehicles with keys/key fobs either in the car itself, or stored in a nearby location within close distance to where the vehicle(s) are parked.

All homeowners are urged to take reasonable measures to protect their homes and vehicles accordingly.  The following are suggested steps that residents can take in an attempt to prevent their vehicles from being the target of Theft(s)/Burglary(s):

  •  Remove all valuables from the interior cabin of the vehicles when leaving the vehicles parked for an extended period of time, including additional keys/key fobs, when parked overnight.
  • LOCK all vehicles when they are not in use, and LOCK your homes.
  • Take note of any and all suspicious vehicles/persons if observed in the area, and call 9-1-1 immediately to report anything that is believed to be out of the ordinary and/or out of place.
  • When observing anyone/anything suspicious in the neighborhood, immediately reach out for Police assistance. Patrol Units will respond accordingly to investigate the matter further, and act as a deterrent for potential criminal activity in the area.

 Branchburg PD would like to remind out residents that calls from concerned citizens are not bothersome and are welcomed at ALL times.  The Branchburg Police Department is available for ANY and ALL calls for service at ALL times.  Residents are asked to remain attentive as Law Enforcement’s “extended vision” so that we are able to successfully identify and apprehend criminals for prosecution.  Branchburg PD is dedicated to provide security, protection, and professional service to all of our residents and all who visit and/or pass through our Township.  Branchburg PD will remain vigilant in our duties as we strive to improve the quality of life in our community, and we respectfully ask for your assistance in alerting us of any suspected criminal and/or suspicious activity observed within our jurisdiction.

Please feel free to like our Facebook page, “Branchburg Township Police”, and join us in our #9PMROUTINE Lock Up reminders which are posted daily.

Anyone with information relating to these incidents may contact the Branchburg Police Department at (908) 526-3830 or via the STOPit app. The STOPit app allows citizens to provide anonymous reports including videos and photos. STOPit can be downloaded to your smart phone for free at the Google Play Store or Apple App Store, access code: SOMERSETNJ. Information can also be provided through the Somerset County Crime Stoppers’ Tip Line at 1-888-577-TIPS (8477). All anonymous STOPit reports and Crime Stopper tips will be kept confidential.