In an effort to control SPAM, we are no longer listing direct links to committee/staff email accounts. To contact a committee/staff member via email, please see the examples listed below. 

Committee Member Email Example:
Staff Email Example:

To reach a Township Committee member by phone, dial (908) 526-1300 x 104. 
To reach a Branchburg Township staff member by phone, dial (908) 526-1300 followed by the extension.

Department Name Name Email Profession Phone
1-Report a Pothole pothole@ 908/526-1300 x177
Township Committee Brendon Beatrice Brendon@ Committee Member 908/526-1300 x104
Township Committee Anna Columbus Anna@ Deputy Mayor 908/526-1300 x104
Township Committee David Owens David@ Mayor 908/526-1300 x104
Township Committee James Schworn James@ Committee Member 908/526-1300 x104
Township Committee Thomas Young Thomas@ Committee Member 908/526-1300 x104
Administration Gregory J. Bonin gregory.bonin@ Administrator 908/526-1300 x 100
Township Clerk Maggie Schmitt Maggie.Schmitt@ Township Clerk 908/526-1300 x 103
Township Clerk Kimberly Mathewson kimberly.mathewson@ Deputy Township Clerk/ Registrar 908/526-1300 x 104
Administration Rene Campanelli rene.campanelli@ Administrative Assistant 908/526-1300 x 102
Affordable Housing Services Rene Campanelli rene.campanelli@ Affordable Housing Administrator 908/526-1300 x102
Court /Violations Hillsborough Twsp Municipal Court Hillsborough Townshp 908-369-3532
Non- Emergency Police Non-Emergency Police 908/526-3830
Building/Code Enforcement Diane Strohl diane.strohl@ Building/Code Enforcement Secretary 908/526-1300 x 147
Building/Code Enforcement Barbara Litchkowski barbara.litchkowski@ Building/Code Enforcement Secretary 908/526-1300 x 148
Building/ Code Enforcement John Tamburini john.tamburini@ Code Enforcement/ Building Inspector 908/526-1300 x 147
Building/Code Enforcement Bill Boyle bill.boyle@ Fire/Subcode 908/526-1300 x 149
Building /Code Enforcement Dave Myers dave.myers@ Plumbing Inspector 908/526-1300 x 153
Building/ Code Enforcement Pete Francen pete.francen@ Inspector 908/526-1300 x147
Purchasing Denise Piszkowski denise.piszkowski@ Purchasing Agent 908/526-1300 x 101
Recreation Audrey Henry audrey.henry@ Recreation Secretary 908/526-1300 x 188
Recreation John Voli john.voli@ Recreation Director 908/526-1300 x 186
Recreation Bill Caldarola bill.caldarola@ Program Coordinator 908/526-1300 x187
Engineering Lisa Vargas lisa.vargas@ Engineering Secretary 908/526-1300 x 142
Engineering/ Land Use Douglas Ball douglas.ball@ Township Engineer 908/526-1300 x 136
Land Use Maria DeSimone maria.desimone@ Land Use Secretary 908/526-1300 x 152
Land Use Tom Leach tom.leach@ Zoning Officer 908/526-1300 x 139
Fire Safety Joe Olivo joe.olivo@ Fire Official 908/526-1300 x 156
Fire Safety Elizabeth Booker elizabeth.booker Administrative Assistant 908/526-1300 x 158
Health Department James Norgalis james.norgalis@ Health Officer/ Health Inspector 908/526-1300 x 183
Health Department Kathryn Nelson kathryn.nelson@ Registered Environmental Specialist 908/526-1300 x182
Health Department Erika Klein erika.klein@ Administrative Assistant 908/526-1300 x 183
Public Works Doreen Danner doreen.danner@ Public Works Secretary 908/526-1300 x 177
Public Works Ken Schaefer ken.schaefer@ Asst. Director of Public Works 908/526-1300 x 171
Public Works Ron Cheesman ron.cheesman@ Director of Public Works 908/526-1300 x 172
Public Works Denise Costello denise.costello@ Administrative Assistant 908/526-1300 x 174
Tax Assessor Fran Kuczynski fran.kuczynski@ Tax Assessor 908/526-1300 x 116
Finance Diane Schubach diane.schubach@ Director of Finance 908/526-1300 x 111
Finance Diana Young diana.young@ Accounts Payable Finance Clerk 908/526-1300 x 113
Finance Mariane Tuma mariane.tuma@ Payroll/Administrative Assistant 908/526-1300 x 112
Finance Ashley Biondo ashley.biondo@ Tax/Finance Clerk 908/526-1300 x124
Tax Collector Mindy D'Amico mindy.damico@ Tax Collector 908/526-1300 x 121
Tax Collector Kayla Alexander kayla.alexander@ Tax Clerk 908/526-1300 x 123