All of Branchburg, NJ


  1. Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan (SPPP)
  2. Municipal Stormwater Managment Plan (MSWMP)
  3. Stormwater Control Ordinance (SCO):
  4. Pet Waste Ordinance
  5. Wildlife Feeding Ordinance
  6. Litter Control Ordinance
  7. Improper Disposal of Waste Ordinance
  8. Yard Waste Collection Program Ordinances

    § 22-7 [Ord. #86-490; Ord. #86-494, § 4; Ord. No. 2015-1290 § 3] It shall be a violation of this section for any owner, lessee or occupant of any residential, commercial or institutional property in the Township of Branchburg to put leaves into or cause to be p
  9. Private Storm Drain Inlet Retrofitting Ordinance
  10. Illicit Connection Ordinance

    § 16-1 [Ord. No. 2006-1018 § 1] It is the purpose of this chapter to prohibit illicit connections to the municipal separate storm sewer system and to prohibit the spilling, dumping or disposal of materials other than stormwater into the municipal storm water sy
  11. MS4 Outfall Pipe Map
  12.  Watershed Improvement Plan
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