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Township Clerk

Township Clerk:  Maggie Schmitt
Deputy Township Clerk:  Kimberly Mathewson
Phone: 908-526-1300 x104

Our goal is to assist all residents and members of the public in a friendly, helpful and courteous manner and to provide any necessary information to the Governing Body, Township Administrator and all Municipal Departments. If you have any questions just email us and we will get back to you or you can stop by and see us in the upper level of the Township Municipal Building.

In New Jersey, the Municipal Clerk must possess an RMC designation in order to be appointed to one of the most important and exacting positions in municipal government.  This entails the completion of courses through Rutgers, The State University and passing an examination given by the State Department of Community Affairs.

The Municipal Clerk is the heart of the municipal operation and by virtue of her/his position, serves as liaison officer between the governing officials and the taxpayers.  The Municipal Clerk is an important public relations figure as she/he is expected to know everything about the operations of the Municipality and how to accomplish what needs to be done.

The broad range of services provided by this Office are accomplished by the dedicated employees who make up the department.

 The Municipal Clerk, regardless of the form of government, is charged with the following statutory duties:

 Administrative Official

  • Processes and issues dog/cat, park and ride permits, raffle/bingo, Alcohol Beverage Control, taxi, peddlers, amusement machine, towing/wrecking, trailer park licenses, deer hunting permits and dumpster permits
  • Responds to complaints
  • Provides copies of Ordinances/Resolutions and other information as requested by public and personnel
  • Responds to resident/public inquiries
  • Provides street/road maps
  • Issuance of Township Dumpster Permits, please click here.
  • Distributes new residents packets upon request
  • Provides copies of Land Use Development Ordinances and Master Plans
  • Landlord Rental Registration
  • Posts information on Township website

Other services include, but are not limited to: 

  • Coordinates special projects
  • Processes and issues Blue/Red Light Permits to Emergency Service Volunteers
  • Coordinates meeting rooms in all municipal facilities
  • Furnishes data to public information media
  • Receives and files bonds and insurance policies
  • Serves as coordinator and records manager responsible for implementing local archives and records retention programs
  • Maintains Off-Site Condition Disclosure File
  • Retains bonds of Municipal Officials and employees.
  • Distributes and receives Financial Disclosure forms as required

  Secretary to the Governing Body:

  • Attends meetings of the Township Committee and prepares Official Minutes of the meetings
  • Prepares meeting agendas
  • Processes, records, files and advertises Ordinances, Resolutions (when required by law), the Municipal Budget, bids for equipment and supplies, etc.
  • Acts as liaison between the public and governing body
  • Administers and records Oaths of Office
  • Maintains custody of all official records that are not specifically handled by other departments
  • Forwards adopted Ordinances to Codifier for processing
  • Keeps updated listing of Board/Commission members with term expirations

 Secretary to the Municipal Corporation: 

  • Signs majority of official documents
  • Attests signature of municipal officers and officials
  • Maintains custody of all Minute Books, deeds, bonds, contracts and archival records
  • Has custody of the Municipal seal
  • Maintains legal documents

 Election Official:

  • Serves as Chief Registrar of voters
  • Certifies vacancies existing on the local level
  • Maintains receipt of nominating petitions and certifies to the County Clerk local candidates nominated by petition
  • Exercises quasi-judicial authority in determining the validity of petitions
  • Conducts drawing for position of candidates on the local ballot
  • Coordinate delivery and pick up of election machines with County
  • Furnishes material for local elections to poll workers
  • Suggests polling places to Election Board
  • Maintains receipt of election results
  • Certifies to County Clerk persons elected to partisan County Committee offices in each election district
  • Tallies the votes of Primary, General, Municipal and School Board elections and forwards these results to the County Clerk for certification 

Guide To Township Committee Meetings:

The Regular Meetings of the Township Committee are held on the 2nd and 4th Monday of each month.  The Township Committee meets in an Executive Session at 7:00 PM; the public portion of the meeting begins at 8:00 PM.  All meetings, unless otherwise specified, are held in the Municipal Building. 

Agendas are available the day of the meeting in the Municipal Clerk's office and are also available in the meeting room the night of the meeting.  Agendas are also posted on the website the Friday afternoon before the meeting.  Resolutions are posted in the afternoon the day of a meeting.  Copies of introduced Ordinances are available to the public after introduction and before adoption at no charge.  

Township Committee meetings are shown live on Comcast Channel 27 and FiOS Channel 46 beginning at 8:00 PM. Meetings can also be viewed during and after via our website.  When you log on click the link to view webcasts. 

Open Public Records Act

In January, 2002, the Open Public Records Act was signed into law by then Acting Governor DiFrancesco which requires government records to be readily accessible for inspection, copying or examination. 

A request form, which includes the requestor’s name, address and telephone number and a specific, brief description of the record sought, must be completed and submitted to the Municipal Clerk as the Custodian of Public Records. 

Names, addresses and telephone numbers are considered releasable, however, unlisted telephone numbers are not releasable.  Many of our in-house forms have been amended to include a check-off box to indicate an unlisted telephone number.  This information will not be released to a requestor.    

If you would like to view the Township’s Municipal Code, Board of Health Ordinances, or Land Development Ordinances, please click here.