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2021 Acceptance Speech
Mayor Brendon Beatrice

I humbly accept the nomination of Mayor of Branchburg for the year 2021.  I would like to thank Tom Young for his leadership in 2020.  His calm and intelligence over the last two plus decades has served Branchburg well.  Last year was a challenging year and I am optimistic that 2021 will be brighter.

I would also like to thank those who keep Branchburg a safe and great place to live. Thanks to our police force, our firefighters, and all of our first responders.  Thank you to Greg Bonin, Maggie Schmitt, Bill Willard and the rest of the professional staff at Town Hall who make the day to day task of running a township so seamless.

I would also like to take this time to congratulate Jim Schworn and David Owens for their victory in November.  Jim has served Branchburg for almost ten years and his commitment to Branchburg is unparalleled.  David is one of the smartest guys I know and his contribution to the Township Committee has been appreciated.  Many thanks to all of the residents who volunteer their time and talents on Branchburg’s Boards and Committees.  Most importantly, I thank the people who live with me: Jodi, Zac, Savannah, and my son Brody for giving me the strength and desire to be a better person.

In 2021, Branchburg’s Township Committee will continue to push back on warehousing and we will continue our efforts to support smart development which is consistent with our Master Plan.  As always, we will champion the preservation of our open space resources which makes Branchburg so special.  I am looking forward to leading Branchburg’s venture of transforming Silver Saddle Swim Club into a municipal pool.  Also, this year I am looking forward to the hopeful completion of a turf field at White Oak Park.  In addition, I will be championing another look at interest in building a community/recreation center in Branchburg.

I encourage each and every resident to become actively involved in the Township by attending or watching our public meetings and asking questions. Your thoughts, concerns and opinions regarding issues that you believe affect our families, friends and neighbors are important.  The Township Committee relies on the collective voice of our residents and your voice is critical to ensuring continued sound governance practice and policy.  So please speak up.

I look forward to serving as your Mayor in 2021 and I thank you again for your continued support.  God Bless you; God Bless Branchburg; and God Bless America.