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Page updated: March 30, 2021 

Denise Piszkowski, Q.P.A
Qualified Purchasing Agent 
Phone: 908-526-1300 x101  //  Fax:  908-526-2452

The Qualified Purchasing Agent is responsible for review and approval of the procurement of goods and services required for the daily operation of the Township in accordance with the State of New Jersey Local Public Contracts Law (N.J.S.A. 40A:11-1 and N.J.A.C. 5:34), which includes public advertisement for sealed bids.

Click here for the Vendors Guide to Doing Business with the Township.

Bid/RFP Documents will not be emailed.
Please note that the Township does not maintain bidders lists and 
does not release bidder information for current Bids/RFPs.

MOST, not all, Bid documents are available free of charge either via download link below and/or during regular business hours on a CD-ROM (in PDF format).   Paper copies are always available during regular business hours at a cost of  .05 cents per letter size page and $9.00 per page for plan pages.  Upon written request AND upon receipt of the bidders FedEx account number, Company Name, Address, Phone # and Fax #  bid packages will be over-nighted on a CD-ROM ,if a a paper copy is needed receipt of payment is also required.    Please refer to each projects Notice to Bidders, below, for specific pickup instructions & cost.

Requests or questions will only be accepted via fax, they will not be accepted over the phone and voicemails will not be returned.  
Requests received after 2:00 pm will not be processed until the next business day.

Current Opportunities/Notices

Notice of Public Sale of Real Property:  100 Elm Street, Block 101, Lot 1, Branchburg, Somerset County, New Jersey

Notice to Bidders:  2021-R01 Lifeguards at Branchburg's Silver Saddle Community Pool
Bid Document available for download....

Bids/RFPs & Related Documents Currently Available for Download

Bid Document:  2021-R01 Lifeguards at Branchburg's Silver Saddle Community Pool

These documents require contact information to be submitted to download. For Bid Documents only a valid fax number is required to receive addenda, clarifications and question and answer documents ('Q&A') via fax.  By downloading Bid/RFP documents you are accepting full responsibility for providing the correct contact information, to download each document related to the specific Bid/RFP and to check periodically for the posting of any addenda or Q&A documents and downloading them.

Any Addenda or Q&A will not be emailed or faxed.  By downloading RFP documents you are accepting full responsibility to download each document related to the specific RFP and to check periodically for the posting of any addenda or Q&A documents and downloading them.

 Results & Contract Awards


Municipalities in the State of New Jersey are legally required to publish and receive bids from the public on items and projects costing more than $40,000 that are not purchased through a State or Cooperative Purchasing Contract.  In order to enhance the competitive bidding process by increasing the number of potential bidders receiving bid packages, the Township of Branchburg publishes a 'Notice to Bidders' (NTB) in the Courier News, as well as posting on this website, for items for which they wish to receive bids on this website in addition to traditional means of advertising public bids. 

Pursuant to N.J.S.A. 40A:11-23C, addenda may be issued for bids.  
Only bidders who pick up Bid Specifications or Request for Proposals either via download under Current Notices (above link) or directly from the Purchasing Department at the Municipal Building will automatically receive copies of addenda or informal questions/answer notices.  Notice of Addenda informal question and answer notices will be faxed, with a valid fax number, and will be made available on this website under Current Notices (above link).

If a bidder obtains a Request for Proposal or Request for Quote document via this website, it is their responsibility to check PRIOR TO THE BID OPENING to see if any addenda has been issued.  Notice of Addenda will be posted on this website under Current Notices (above link) or sent via U.S. Mail if a written request is made to the Purchasing Agent.   Addenda for Bid Documents will also be posted above and will be faxed to bidders that have either downloaded the documents or picked them up in person.

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